qirest: Quantitative Imaging Profile REST server


The Quantitative Imaging Profile REST server serves data for the Quantitative Imaging Profile (QiPr) web application.



  1. Install the Python pip package on your workstation, if necessary.

  2. Install MongoDB, if necessary. Use the default WiredTiger storage engine.

  3. Install qirest:

    pip install qirest


  1. Start MongoDB:

  2. Run the following command to display the REST server commands and options:

    qirest --help
  3. Start the REST server:


    Alternatively, the server can be started in development mode with the --development option:

    qirest --development
  4. The data model is described in the REST client documentation. The REST API is described in the Eve Features documentation. For example, the following command returns the JSON list of all subjects for a server running on the local machine:

    curl -i http://localhost:5000/subject


The project is cloned, tested, documented and released as described in the qipipe documentation Development section [1].

A sample database can be created by running the following command in the local qirest project directory:



Note that the Read The Docs qirest project requirements file must be

set to requirements_read_the_docs.txt. This alternative requirements file is a subset of the requirements.txt suitable only for documentation generation. Specifically, the alternative file works around the following problem:

  • A Read The Docs build with requirements.txt fails on pymongo because

of an over-zealous Eve dependency constraint.